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First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little more on this journey.  We are so excited and grateful that you have taken the time to view our website and get to know us a little more.  We created this website for you to explore and get a feel for who we are.    


We are looking to share our love and grow our family through adoption.  We are ready to adopt, home study approved and certified to adopt a baby, or twins, in the United States. We are open to semi-open or closed adoption.  We are working with a private adoption attorney.  


We are Rob and Christine, a married couple from Long Island, New York.  We met and fell in love with the help of a dating website.  We met during the pandemic, so it was definitely not your typical dating scene. This is a fun little story of how we met.  It all started over my (Christine's) favorite things, a little cheese shop in town and a cheese board on a beautiful fall night, under a full moon.  The night we first met, we knew we were about to begin a beautiful journey together. We were inseparable from the moment we met. 

Our love story was pretty quick.  We knew early on we had met our other half and there was no need to delay the rest of our lives together.  We were engaged nine months after our first date and married the same year, and the day before our first date.  We like to think we got married the day before our world changed forever.  We had our wedding and reception at a cute little dockside restaurant on a beautiful sunny day, with 50 of our closets friends and family.  We wanted to be surrounded by the most important people who were instrumental in our lives and of course good food. Together, we are home to each other.  We have found not only our soulmate, but best friend in each other.  

Rob is an electrical engineer.  I find myself to be like Rachel from "Friends".  She could never explain exactly what it was that Ross did.  It involves electrical components.  Rob was born in Oregon and moved to Long Island, New York at the age of 6.  He has an older sister.  Rob is your typical DIY guy, who enjoys tinkering with his car and various home improvements.  Of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention his love for backyard grilling, firepits, baseball, his family and the pups.

Christine is an attorney.  Besides wanting to be a vet as a little girl, she also wanted to be a lawyer.  So one would say she is living out her childhood dream.  Of course, a current dream would be a Real Housewife on Bravo with a full time glam team.  Christine was born and raised on Long Island, New York.  She is the youngest of her two siblings.  She loves baking, making tasty treats and cooking delicious meals.  Of course, she cannot leave out cheese. Everything is better with cheese.    

We live in a private two story home on a cute cul de sac on Long Island with access to a pool, tennis and basketball courts, sprinkler park and pond.  Our backyard is surrounded by different types of pine and oak trees which makes a great background for seeing all different kinds of birds, enjoying a morning cup of coffee on our deck and firepit nights. We love that we have access to NYC for all concerts, events and restaurants, as well as the north fork and Montauk with the beautiful sights and attractions, including aquariums, beaches, concerts, vineyards and restaurants.  The best of both worlds. 

We also have three pups.  Old man Lucky, a 13 year old Dachshund.  He's the best.  If you never seen a dachshund walk, we suggest you do.  Can't help but make you smile.  Next up we have queen Lola Belle, an 8 year old French bulldog with all the sass and cuddles for days.  Last up, we have princess Addie Rose, a 1 year old Dakota Sport aka mini golden retriever.  Her favorite pastime is shedding and playing with Lola, while ignoring Lucky.  

And with that, we excitedly wait to complete our family to join this party of five.  We know that the love we share for each other and our pups is meant to be expanded by and through adoption.  It is our hope and dream to have a family together to share in the love, happiness, joy, adventure and journeys. We will forever and always protect, love and honor this blessing. 

And with that, click ahead to see some highlights of things we love to do together and that bring us joy. 




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